And the Answer is... Manulife UL

Bob and Joanne have seven wonderful grandchildren whose financial future is very important to them. They have been prudent investors and followed the advice of their financial advisor. By living conservatively, they have accumulated more wealth than they need and are looking for a strategy to pass some of their wealth to their grandchildren when they die.

They feel that they can invest $100,000 a year for the next 10 years. They want to see a risk-free solution that will allow them to provide a larger inheritance to their grandchildren. What insurance product should the advisor recommend to best meet the needs and risk tolerance of Bob and Joanne?

To help determine which product is best, the advisor uses the Product Compare insurance planning tool to compare the costs and benefits of different life insurance solutions to help Bob and Joanne make an informed decision.

Product Compare is an insurance planning tool designed to help your client consider alternative insurance solutions from a cost and benefit perspective. By using Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) analysis, Product Compare illustrates insurance solutions with different funding or death benefit patterns on an “apples-to-apples” basis.


Male 61 Healthstyle 3 and Female 58 Healthstyle 3 – Joint last-to-die PV discount rate – 3.00%

10 pay product solutions to compare:

Option 1: InnoVision, Level Death Benefit, VC option at 1.50%, YRT 85/15 COI Option 2: Manulife UL, Face Plus, Level CIS @ 0.00%, Level COI for 10 years Option 3: Performax Gold, Cost for 15 years, PC rate at 4.50%

Option 4: Security UL, Face Plus at 1.50%, Level COI

The Product Compare Illustration Summary of policy values and NPV and IRR analysis

The Product Compare Illustration Summary of policy values and NPV and IRR analysis

By using Product Compare the advisor is able to show the costs and benefits of each solution. From an estate benefit perspective, the analysis shows that at life expectancy Manulife UL provides the highest IRR at death and the second highest cash value. For these reasons Bob and Joanne choose Manulife UL.

Requesting a Product Compare illustration

At this time Product Compare is not available on Diamond View. To secure an illustration, contact your local Manulife Wholesaler or send an email to

Please include the following information when requesting an illustration:

A PDF of the different Manulife product illustrations being compared.

The discount rate you want used.

The order of sequence for the product solutions.

Renewal rates if we are comparing to an inforce term policy.

Turn around time for Product Compare illustrations is usually one to two business days. Date: September 2014