December 26, 2015 / Published 7:00 AM EST / Liza Chalaidopoulos-Isaacs

Increase your home's value with these 5 simple steps

A house is about more than a roof over our heads, but a place to grow with family and entertain friends. And when we’re ready for a change of scenery, it’s also nice to turn a profit from your initial investment. Here are 5 easy adjustments to make in the competitive market, before putting out the 'For Sale' sign.

1. First impressions

You only have seven seconds to make a first impression, and your home is no different. Exterior colour choices and a strong, solid and safe front door can make the difference between inviting and alienating.

2. Space odyssey

With more families looking to live in the urban centres versus the suburbs, a sense of space is paramount — both for your comfort and for resale value. Consider creating one large living space out of the living room and dining room, or create a horizon line with half-walls to the kitchen or den.

3. Gorgeous greenery

Looks aren’t everything but they sure count for a lot, especially when they ultimately keep your home safe. Make sure your yard is tended, trees pruned and leaves cleared each season to avoid any possible damage by falling branches or rotting gutters.

4. Let there be light

“Let it shine” should be the mantra to changing less than sunny digs into a bright and welcoming space. But remember, light doesn’t always have to mean blinding. Choose window treatments that let in the light while helping to maintain privacy, and choose dimmers to give yourself options throughout the day.

5. Simple pleasures

Clean and simple is the best way to approach a bathroom upgrade. Small improvements such as replacing the caulking around the fixtures, and cleaning grout, can make a big difference.


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