Manulife participating dividends

What is the dividend scale?

Premiums paid for participating policies are placed into an account called the participating account.  We invest and manage the funds in this account.  All of the benefits paid to participating policies and all of the expenses of administering these policies are paid from this account.

Every year, we review the performance of the participating account based on a number of factors such as mortality, expense costs, policy lapses and investment returns to determine the amount of profit (called policy dividends) available to be distributed to the owners of participating policies.

The dividend scale is the outcome of a combination of formulas and factors that we use to determine how the available profit will be distributed to each individual policy in the form of policy dividends. As dividends are sensitive to the different factors that affect the participating account, they can change each year and are not guaranteed.  Future dividends could be higher, lower or stay the same as the previous year.

Important information about the dividend scale

We are pleased to confirm the dividend scale is not changing for many participating policies. However, the dividend scale is decreasing for some policies effective September 1, 2017.

If your policy statement said your dividends are decreasing, the information in the link below applies to your policy.

About the dividend scale change

Where can I get more information about my participating policy?

If you have questions about dividends on your participating policy, please contact your insurance advisor. You can find your advisor’s contact information on your policy statement.  If you don’t have an advisor and would like to talk to one, or if you would like an illustration (if available), please contact Individual Insurance. An illustration is a “snapshot” of how your policy values may look in the future based on different dividend scale levels.