Streamlined STD offering and expanded access to Stay-at-Work Services

In June, 2016 we announced changes to our Short-Term Disability claims management approach to improve communication, accelerate decision-making and help ensure timely and effective intervention. As part of our continued efforts to help you better meet your company’s and employees’ needs, we are pleased to announce further enhancements to our Short-Term Disability offering.

What’s new

Here is a summary of the enhancements we’ve introduced:

Available to companies with 25 employees or more, these services are designed to proactively address specific employee needs to help prevent absences. Manulife Stay-at-Work Services provide employees with tailored support focused on helping to keep them healthy, engaged and productive.

Stay-at-Work Services include:

To learn more about our complete range of absence and disability management solutions contact your Manulife representative or have a look at the following materials:

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