Group benefits contracts and booklets going paperless

Manulife’s member booklets are now exclusively available electronically and contracts will go paperless soon. This will help ensure you and your members are accessing the most up to date information about your benefits. 

Here is what you can expect over the next few months:

  • June – We’ve updated the Group Benefits Material Re-Order Form for Manulife (GL0006) to include information on how to get electronic versions of plan member booklets on the secure site. If you don’t have site access, you can provide an email address to have Manulife email an updated copy of the booklet, or contact customer service. 
  • Mid to late summer – We’ll stop printing plan contracts and provide electronic copies instead.
  • Late summer/early fall – We’ll start providing electronic versions of all forms and marketing materials ordered through the Group Benefits Material Re-Order Form for Manulife. We’ll also update the form to reflect this change.

What do you need to do?

Start using the new version of the Group Benefits Material Re-Order Form for Manulife (GL0006) posted on the secure site under Plan Documents -> Forms and Brochures when ordering booklets and marketing materials from Manulife.

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