New FreeStyle® Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System

We’re pleased to announce that the FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System - a new category of diabetes monitoring systems that just received Health Canada approval - will be standardly included in Manulife drug plans that provide coverage for diabetic supplies. Manulife’s Pharmaceutical Relations team worked with the manufacturer to achieve optimal value for this new technology.


More about Freestyle Libre

The FreeStyle Libre system consists of a small, easy to wear sensor worn on the upper arm and a portable reader. To take a glucose reading, patients simply scan the reader over the sensor every eight hours. The reader can store data for up to 90 days. This new system eliminates the routine finger pricks and manual tracking of glucose readings. Users of FreeStyle Libre can also share their comprehensive readings digitally with their doctors and use the information to better manage their lifestyles. 

In clinical studies, patients preferred the FreeStyle Libre system to the traditional finger prick method and have shown improved adherence to glucose self-monitoring. This improved adherence can lead to better diabetes management. 

Manulife continues to look for opportunities to deliver savings and support positive health outcomes.

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