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What is LifeNow by Manulife?

Manulife is offering you an opportunity to make achieving your goals simpler with LifeNow by Manulife, a new limited time app that helps you set and achieve the goals that are important for you. 

With LifeNow by Manulife you can:

  • Create plans within categories that interest you most – from finances to fitness and stress management to starting a business
  • Chat with a professional lifestyle & health coach or financial coach
  • Check your progress in real time, and access plenty of resources on the go

LifeNow by Manulife is only available on iOS, and for a limited 9-month trial period which starts in May.

Register now until April 30th, space for this exciting trial period is limited!

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How we help you:


Figuring out what to do to make our lives healthier can be tricky. We have defined several of the most important health goals for people like you, and offer steps, resources, and coaching on how to achieve them, allowing you to live a healthier life today, and in the future. 


Is there something you always wanted to try, but can’t figure out how to start? Maybe you want to try running, eating differently, or reducing stress? LifeNow by Manulife offers several ways that you can improve your lifestyle in a way that is meaningful, easy to do, and will have a long-term positive impact on your mind and body.


Everyone’s financial situation is different, and whether you’re an expert, or a novice, there are always things you can do to improve your personal financial welfare. LifeNow by Manulife provides you with steps to achieve the financial goals that are right for you, and if you get stuck along the way, you’ll have access to expert financial coaches who can help you out.


With access to pre-defined goals, the steps to achieve them, and strong guidance and support to help you along the way, LifeNow by Manulife will help you achieve the goals that are most important to you.


We recognize that sometimes you need a little help to accomplish what’s important to you. With LifeNow by Manulife, we offer Health & Lifestyle, and Financial coaches to help guide you through the difficult moments on your way to achieving your goals.

Frequently asked questions

LifeNow by Manulife is a new trial app that connects the important aspects of your life – lifestyle, health and financial security - into one convenient and easy to use app. Choose from a variety of topics ranging from Nutrition to Stress Management, Education Costs to Financial Planning, Travel to Parenting. You can use LifeNow by Manulife to create a personalised experience to help set and achieve goals that are important for you, and support your day-to-day needs. At every turn, get expert advice from one of our financial or lifestyle & health coaches to provide the context and conversations you need.

Manulife has partnered with alumni associations to offer you this exclusive opportunity to improve your day-to-day living and meet your goals. Your experiences and feedback will be very important. This trial period will last for 9 months from the time you receive your invitation.

You will receive a “Life is now, be ready!” email in early November. Open it and follow the Steps: Download the app “LifeNow by Manulife” from the Apple AppStore, or use the Registration Key provided in the email to get started.

As a registered app user, you will have access to expert advice on your finances and lifestyle/health. Your licensed, financial coaches can offer financial guidance and answer your questions. Your lifestyle & health coaches are experts in several health & lifestyle related fields including (but not limited to) nutrition, physical activity, and stress management, and will collaborate with you to create healthy lifestyle action plans to help you achieve your goals.