Quebec- Regulation on Accessory Fees

On September 28th 2016, the draft Regulation abolishing accessory costs related to the provision of insured services and governing transportation costs for biological samples under the Health Insurance Act was published in the Gazette officielle du Québec for comment. This follows the announcement by Quebec Minister of Health in September, to abolish accessory fees for health care covered by the provinces health insurance, RAMQ, by January 2017.

As such, the draft regulation allows for the billing of an insured person under RAMQ, for costs related to the transportation to an institution or a laboratory of biological samples taken by the professional, or at his or her request, up to the maximum amount of:

  1. $15 for the transportation of biological samples including a blood sample
  2. $5 for the transportation any other biological sample.

The amounts may only be claimed once per insured where more than one biological sample is transported to a given institution or laboratory.

This draft regulation will have an impact on private health facilities who actually charge payment to insured persons for insured services under RAMQ.

Comments are due before November 12th 2016.