Plan members can send documents online – quickly and securely

Plan members can now quickly and securely send confidential documents through the plan member secure site. Sending information online means it can be processed quicker as members won’t need to mail or fax documents anymore.

Plan members now have a secure way to send the following information and forms:

  • Evidence of Insurability 
  • Overage student dependent 
  • Beneficiary designations
  • BC Pharmacare/RAMQ 
  • Drug Prior Authorization

Members can send these documents as a PDF file or even as a picture file. To send a document to Manulife through the site, they just need to sign in, go to the Contact us tab and select Send documents.

Sending documents online is another way we’re helping to create a better benefits experience for plan members.

Visit the Advance Hub where you can find an email template and a video you can send your employees to let them know about this new feature.