Ontario Drug Benefit Program for seniors

The Government of Ontario, in accordance with the Budget 2016 proposes to make changes to the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Program.

Starting August 1, 2016, to increase the income thresholds to qualify for the low-income seniors benefit: 

  • from less than $16,018 to less than or equal to $19,300 for single seniors, and 
  • from less than $24,175 to less than or equal to $32,300 for senior couples. 

Additionally, low-income seniors who receive public drug benefits would continue to pay up to a $2 co-payment per prescription with no annual deductible. 

These new thresholds are aligned with the Ontario Guaranteed Annual Income System and will be indexed to ensure they remain aligned in future benefit years. 

  1. Seniors whose income continues to stay under the adjusted income threshold each year would continue to qualify for the $0 deductible and $2 co-payment. 
  2. Changes to drug cost contributions by non-low income seniors announced in Budget 2016 are on hold. 
  3. Ontario will also publicly fund the shingles vaccine for seniors aged 65 to 70. 

We’ll continue to follow this legislation and keep you informed as more information becomes available.