Manulife Mobile app and combined sign in features

We’ve officially taken the next step toward a better plan member experience. Our combined sign in features are here! 

Online sign in page – allows members to easily access either their group benefits and retirement accounts from a single page using their desktop or mobile device. This enhancement does not apply to custom client sign in pages.

Manulife Mobile app for Apple and Android – allows members to access either their benefits and retirement savings for both their group plans with Manulife. We’ve combined all the features of our existing apps into one. Promote the app with resources available on the Discover HUB.   

Members currently using the GB and GRS apps will receive notification of the new, combined app, as well as instructions on how to download it and delete any old versions from their devices. We will support all three apps during this transition as we work towards phasing out the old GB and GRS apps. 

These combined sign in features are exciting editions to our convergence story.