Manulife’s Investigative Services team takes strong action against benefits fraud

Most medical service providers are honest and ethical professionals who provide important care and support for members of group benefits programs. And yet, there are some providers who commit fraud by taking advantage of individuals’ benefits coverage. 

Fraud is a serious, industry-wide issue – and Manulife has strategies and resources dedicated to stopping it in its tracks.  

Manulife’s fraud prevention strategy is focused on preventing, detecting and deterring health care fraud and abuse. And when fraud is suspected, our Investigation Services team takes charge. This group of anti-fraud professionals assesses each case and uses specialized skills and tools to reach the best outcome for our customers. 

In a recent case, Manulife used a groundbreaking approach to combat fraudulent activity. After an investigation, our team found that a Toronto area clinic providing medical services and supplies was committing benefits fraud. Manulife initiated a civil action against the parties – that included obtaining extraordinary orders from a judge to allow the team to secure financial records, freeze assets and search premises to find evidence of fraudulent activities. 

This greatly strengthened Manulife’s case, which ultimately led to securing a significant financial settlement on behalf of our affected plan sponsors. (Additional case details remain confidential based on the settlement details.)

We’re continuously exploring new, innovative fraud detection and prevention methods with real and lasting consequences against criminals. For more information about Manulife’s approach to fraud – and how to protect your plan – contact your Manulife representative.