Financial wellness leads to healthier habits – and that’s good for business

Our latest research emphasizes the important part financial health plays in your employees’ overall wellness. Canadians who scored ‘good’ on the Financial Wellness Index1 are more likely to have healthier habits. Respondents say they’ve got good physical health, exercise more and get regular checkups. And our research2 also shows that financially prepared individuals are more productive at work. 

Helping Canadians be their best – at home and work – means focusing on their financial health too. That’s why we’ve introduced Manulife’s Financial Wellness Assessment to you, at no cost.

With the Financial Wellness Assessment, your plan members can easily measure where they stand financially. This easy-to-use online resource gives members a clear picture of their current financial state and offers a personalized action plan to help them improve their financial health – and overall well-being.

Insight and action

You can also get useful information with the Financial Wellness Assessment Report3. The report provides further insight into your members’ financial health and highlights areas that require more attention. You can use this information to take action and address some of their challenges through Manulife’s service and support.

Get the word out

Use the video, poster and email template to promote the Financial Wellness Assessment with your members. Members can find the Financial Wellness Assessment when they sign in to their account at

Read the brochure to learn more about how financial wellness can lead to a healthier and more engaged workforce.

1Manulife’s Financial Wellness Study – 2016 Index

2Manulife/Ipsos Reid Health and Wealth Wellness Study conducted by Ipsos Reid, 2015

3The Financial Wellness Assessment Report will only be produced if a minimum of 25 members have completed the assessment. The report is not available to all plans.