Introducing our enhanced STD claims experience for you and your employees

In our efforts to simplify the way you and your employees do business with us, we are very pleased to introduce our improved Short-Term Disability (STD) claims management model.

An enhanced STD claims experience

This initiative aligns with our commitment to better understand and meet our clients’ needs. It focuses on enhancing our communication and STD claims management approach to accelerate the decision-making process while ensuring you and your employees benefit from timely and effective intervention in their recovery from disability. Later this year, you will hear more about improvements to our product offering.

What’s new:

Here’s a summary of the changes we’re introducing:

  • Improved communication – you and your employees will be communicated with on an ongoing basis throughout the entire process, to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of expectations and next steps. You will also be provided with easy access to online reporting to obtain useful information in real time, such as claims status and work updates.
  • Early intervention and support – STD claims will be assessed and prioritized according to their complexity for faster service, processing and closer monitoring. This will help ensure your employees receive the right intervention at the right time. 
  • Stronger collaboration and return to work planning – our disability team will be in closer contact with you and your employees throughout the absence. They will provide expert advice to help ensure a safe and timely return to work based on your employees’ unique situation.

Introducing these enhancements

These changes have already been implemented and will be made available across Canada over the next several months.