With our member education resource centre, we introduced a new feature to our arsenal of tools that helps address the most common challenges facing retirement plans today.

Available from the home page of your plan sponsor secure site, this resource centre offers a library of ready-to-go campaigns covering a wide variety of topics that touch on key aspects of plan members’ financial life. Each topic includes various types of tactics and visuals that resonate with the demographics of your plan (posters, emails, web banners, infographics, intranet content, videos, etc.). You can browse the materials available, download any that fit your plan’s needs and roll them out to your employees anytime you want.

Read the brochure and watch the video to learn more.

Help your members make the most of their group retirement program and improve their overall financial health so they can get the future they want. Log in to your plan sponsor secure site and select Educate your members. Make sure you visit the resource centre regularly, as new topics were added throughout 2018.

Member education resource centre

Help your members get the future they want