Reminder: Safe and fast ways to access healthcare virtually

Published on October 2, 2020

As we enter the second wave of COVID-19 in Canada, having access to virtual care is more important than ever.

Here’s a reminder of virtual care options available for you and your plan members.

Healthy organizations don’t happen by accident – they’re by design. With these services available, your members will have more opportunities to access the care they need to stay well. Make sure to reach out to your Manulife representative for more information on any of these services.

Healthcare Online - Easier access to primary care

Before COVID, it was hard to imagine not being able to access a clinic or your family doctor. Today, we must all do our part to reduce the burden on our public healthcare systems.

You can provide your employees with a secure, digital way to access top-quality primary care with Healthcare Online offered by Manulife.

  • 24/7 secure access to Canadian healthcare professionals for appointments and treatment in French or English.
  • Access from mobile device.
  • Live chat and video consultation.

Ask your advisor or Manulife representative for details.

Manulife EFAP - The right support at the right time to help manage mental wellbeing during this stressful period

If you have provided members access to our Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) services through Homewood HealthTM, virtual counselling services are fully operational. Homewood has been delivering telephone counselling for many years with positive results and high levels of client satisfaction.

In addition, we recently launched digital enhancements to make it easier for members and their families to get the support they need: a new modern user-friendly platform, accessible through any device, which provides easy access to online content (eLearning, e-therapy, videos and more) as well as 24/7 live chat with Homewood Health’s specialists.

Visit your Manulife employee and family assistance program on the web, or via phone:

English: 1 866 644-0326

En français : 1 888 361-4853

Through our collaboration with Homewood Health, you can have access to live webinars on COVID-19 related topics, such as anxiety, remote work, managing stress, and more.

Contact your Manulife representative or our Health Management Services team for more information, pricing and to schedule a live webinar for your organization.

Strengthen your mental well-being with BEACON®   

COVID-19 brings heightened stress and BEACON guided digital therapy is here to help you and your plan members.

Manulife plan members enjoy preferred pricing and services provided by BEACON may be an eligible expense under your benefits plan1.

Tips & insights with Stronger Minds by BEACON™ - a free web and email-based program by BEACON, created to help Canadians nurture their mental well-being. The BEACON team of psychologists share their expert insights through videos, webinars and quick reads. 

For more information visit:

Virtual pharmacy services with Express Scripts Canada (ESC)

We understand how unsettling these times are and that your members might have concerns about getting their prescription medications. If your members are having difficulty filling their prescriptions for maintenance medications at their local retail pharmacy, ESC’s virtual pharmacy may be an option they want to consider. It provides 24-hour access to pharmacist support, 365 days a year and free medication delivery (Monday to Saturday) to a location of your choice2.

We encourage your members to talk to their current pharmacist before making any decisions. Interested members can go directly to to join even if your plan does not include these services. A better digital experience is also coming soon with the launch of the ESC mobile app. 

Virtual physiotherapy with Phzio

If your members don’t have a physiotherapist or their therapist doesn’t offer virtual services Phzio may help. Phzio’s virtual health experience offers booking, triage, assessment, exercise monitoring and check-ins.

Phzio helps your members stay on track with their physiotherapy programs by connecting with a provider remotely so they can continue doing their therapeutic exercises.

We continue to be there for you virtually

The fastest and safest ways for you and your members to engage with us is by using the convenient digital tools and services available, including online claims submission, direct deposits, electronic premium payments and all the services available through the plan member website and Manulife mobile app.

The availability of the services mentioned above is being communicated solely to assist plan members in accessing benefits that may be eligible for coverage under their existing group benefits plans. Manulife does not endorse or recommend any provider over another. Manulife does not take responsibility for any claims resulting or arising, directly or indirectly, from a plan member’s use of, or inability to use, the services.

  • 1 BEACON digital therapy may be an eligible expense under your Manulife health plan and may be covered in whole, or in part, as part of your remaining mental health coverage balance. Standard BEACON service is eligible for health plans with Social Worker coverage. BEACON’s Insight+ Service is eligible for health plans with Psychologist and Social Worker coverage. Check your plan for details on your coverage.
  • Delivery available in all provinces except Quebec 
  • BEACON is not a crisis service. If you are in crisis, or this is an emergency, please phone ‘911’ or visit your nearest hospital emergency room.  Stronger Minds by BEACON is for all Canadians – on its own or with an existing course of mental health therapy. It is not mental health treatment.  Stronger Minds by BEACON™, BEACON®, BEACON & Design® and MindBeacon™ are trademarks of MindBeacon Group.  Express Scripts Canada (ESC)® is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Express Scripts Inc., one of the largest pharmacy benefit management (PBM) companies in North America (Nasdaq: ESRX).