We made great progress on our transformation journey this year, with the aim of giving you and your members the best digital experience in the industry. Check out these digital updates that mean big positive changes for your members.

Healthcare Online: A digital doctor’s office whenever you need it

Our goal is to help members be healthier and make your organization stronger. That’s a lot easier when members can access healthcare just by picking up a smartphone.

With Healthcare Online, members can use mobile apps or just jump online to skip the waiting room.

Members can connect 24/7 to doctors and nurses who will give advice, prescribe and renew existing prescriptions, and even refer to specialists.

And that helps organizations like yours. A Canadian study1 showed that 8 out of 10 patients who had an online physician visit avoided work absences.

Healthcare Online is flexible. You can offer it as part of your benefits package or simply give employees access to preferred pricing.

Contact your Manulife representative to learn more.

1Virtual Visits in British Columbia: 2015 Patients Survey and Physician Interview Study

Goodbye cheques. Hello direct deposit!

We want members to understand the benefits of submitting their claims online and opting to have their claims payments reimbursed by direct deposit:

  • Saying “Goodbye” to cheques, means less waiting, less paperwork and trips to the bank!
  • Saying “Hello” to direct deposit means getting claim money paid right into a bank account. It’s fast and secure!
  • Submitting all claims online allows members to get their claims processed as quickly as possible. Manulife Mobile gives members the added freedom of submitting and managing their claims on the go.

Make sure your members have the information they need to get the most from their benefits plan.

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