Whole Life

Security Builder

Original line of business: Monarch

Updated on: Dec 14, 2018

Product snapshot

The Security Builder product is a whole life participating policy with level premiums.  This product receives dividends and cash surrender cash values, providing ability to withdrawal or loan against the policy.

Basic product information

Product administration guide: N/A

Sample contract: N/A

Dividend options: Yes

Bonus: N/A

Dividend options

Dividend options available on this policy are Paid-Up Additions, Premium reduction, Accumulation and Units of Monarh Growth Fund



Premium paying period


Policy fees

  • Policy varies by policy
  • Check contract for accuracy 

Deposit load


Values, loans & withdrawals

Non forfeiture option: Yes

Loans: Yes

Withdrawals: Yes

Non-forfeiture option

Automatic premium loan




Dividends may be withdrawn

Cash value

This policy has guaranteed cash values

Reduced paid up

If the policy was issued prior to December 2, 1982: 

  • Reduced paid-up is available at anytime 

If the policy was issued on or after December 2, 1982: 

  • Reduced paid-up is available at the end of the 20th policy year

Riders & benefits

Premium offset/holiday: N/A

Premium offset/holiday


Death benefit


  • At age 12, the amount of insurance per unit increases by $200 per year until $5,000 is reached at the policy anniversary nearest age 21 and remains at $5,000 thereafter
  • The death benefit is the sum insured amount on poli -c, plus the 02 coverage amount on poli-y


Reinstatement period

This policy will be reinstated by the Company at any time within three years of the date upon which it lapsed, written application along with payment of any arrears of premiums and additional medical evidence is required