Proguard – Proguard Plus RS2

Original line of business: Aetna

Updated on: Dec 14, 2018

Product snapshot

  • Proguard is designed to meet the income replacement needs of the majority of professionals, executives, business owners and administrators
  • It only covers regular occupation and residual plan
  • Proguard Plus combines into one plan the features of the "own occupation" and "residual" plans
  • Under the "own occupation" definition, Proguard Plus will pay a full income benefit if the insured cannot engage in his/her regular occupation because of accident or sickness, even if the insured is engaged full time in another occupation. Earnings from the new occupation will not reduce total disability benefits
  • Under the "residual" definition, Proguard Plus will pay a monthly benefit for periods of partial disability even if the insured has returned to his/her occupation but at a reduced earnings level. Residual benefits are paid if the income level is 80% or less of the insured's former earnings level and only after a continuous period of total disability
  • This rate scale offered step rates. Step rate policies offer an initial step rate, followed by subsequent automatic step rates and an ultimate level premium. The initial step rate premium is payable for a period of five years, or to the insured's age 30 if greater. Subsequent step rate premiums are payable for periods of 5 years until the insured's age 40 when a final adjustment occurs. Thereafter, the premium is level and is payable to age 65

Basic product information

Dividend options: N/A

Bonus: N/A

Dividend options




Premium paying period

Proguard and Proguard Plus provide non-cancellable, guaranteed renewable to age 65

Policy fees


Deposit load


Values, loans & withdrawals

Non forfeiture option: Yes

Loans: N/A

Withdrawals: N/A

Non-forfeiture option

A period of 30 days grace from and excluding the day on which the premium is due will be allowed for the payment of each premium after the first. The policy will terminate if any premium remains unpaid after the grace period





Cash value


Reduced paid up


Riders & benefits

Premium offset/holiday: N/A

Premium offset/holiday


Death benefit


Reinstatement period

If this policy has been terminated for non-payment of a renewal premium, it may be reinstated within 6 months by written application with evidence satisfactory to the company of the good health and insurability of the person insured