Adjustable Term 100

Original line of business: Sun Alliance

Updated on: Apr 10, 2019

Product snapshot

The Term 100 plan provides fully guaranteed life insurance protection to age 100. There are 4 premium options for these products. Adjustable Life Pay, Adjustable 25 Pay, Guaranteed Life Pay, Guaranteed 25 Pay.

Basic product information

Product administration guide: N/A

Sample contract: N/A

Dividend options: N/A

Bonus: N/A

Dividend options




Premium paying period

Term 100 Adjustable: Premiums are guaranteed for the first 10 policy years. The policy is then reviewed at the end of year 10 and every 5 years thereafter

  • At each adjustment date, premiums may be increased, decreased or remain the same, depending upon the pricing assumptions and actual experience of interest, lapses, expense and mortality
  • Term 100 Adjustable is participating. Participation in the experience of the Company is reflected in the premium adjustments only. No bonus or dividends will be paid
  • Premiums may be paid for life or 25 years. With the 25 year plan, premiums will never be paid past the 25th year. Therefore, there is a maximum of 3 adjustment dates for Term 100 Adjustable

If there is a premium increase, the owner may elect to lower the sum insured to maintain a level premium. In this case, the guaranteed cash and paid-up values would be based on the reduced sum insured

Policy fees


Deposit load


Values, loans & withdrawals

Non forfeiture option: Yes

Loans: N/A

Withdrawals: N/A

Non-forfeiture option

31-day grace period





Cash value

  • Cash surrender values apply to all Term 100 policies and are guaranteed
  • For Life pay plans, CSVs start at year 25 or age 65, whichever is later

Reduced paid up

  • Reduced paid-up values apply to all premium options and are fully guaranteed
  • Life Plans have reduced paid-up values at age 65 or year 25, whichever is later
  • Paid-up values begin at $500 per $1000 of initial sum insured and increase evenly to $1000 at age 100

Riders & benefits

Premium offset/holiday: N/A

Premium offset/holiday


Death benefit

Basic coverage only

Reinstatement period

2 years