Like most universal life insurance products, Security UL combines permanent life insurance and tax-advantaged investing. The difference is its combination of simplicity and flexibility. Security UL provides cost-effective, easy-to-understand and easy-to-manage life insurance protection, plus, it lets your clients expand their original policy to take advantage of additional benefits at some point in the future.

Client benefits

When your clients choose Security UL, they can:

  • Use the InnoVision Advantage Option to add features and benefits offered by Manulife’s InnoVision universal life insurance
  • Insure one or more people
  • Access hand-picked, quality investment accounts for investing
  • Enjoy guaranteed premiums and administration charges


Security UL is ideal for younger clients, typically under age 45, who have a need for:

  • Simple and straightforward life insurance protection
  • A cost-effective solution based on their existing lifestyle and budget
  • Comprehensive benefits, combining permanent insurance with tax-advantaged investing
  • Flexibility to enhance in the future, when their needs – and financial picture – change

Available to exercise after the first Security UL policy anniversary and before the 20th anniversary, this option allows clients to:

  • Keep their original Security UL policy and add features and benefits offered by InnoVision – on an original age basis
  • Access InnoVision’s investment account portfolio
  • Add InnoVision’s flexible riders and wealth accumulation features
  • Select an InnoVision bonus option

Clients must meet all of InnoVision’s minimum requirements and will assume the cost of insurance, surrender charges, life and policy fee(s) associated with InnoVision.

  • Clients earn an interest bonus beginning on the 5th policy anniversary of 0.5% of the average account value over the previous 12 months
  • Several riders are available, including Term Insurance, Total Disability Waiver, Guaranteed Insurability Options, Business Value Protector and Child Protection
  • Clients choose from various daily interest investment accounts, including a guaranteed minimum interest account
  • Optional riders:
    • Total Disability Waiver rider – waives policy costs if insured becomes disabled (does not waive deposits to investment accounts;  benefits limited after age 60)
    • Guaranteed Insurability Option – provides the opportunity to purchase additional coverage at specified ages, policy anniversaries or events without providing new evidence of insurability
    • Business Value Protector rider – allows business owners to purchase additional insurance based on the value of their business without providing medical evidence of insurability
    • Child Protection rider – provides life insurance coverage for a child, plus the option to purchase new life insurance coverage at a future date with no medical evidence
    • Term Insurance rider – adds additional life insurance coverage for 10 or 20 year term

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