What it is

Guaranteed early cash values, meets flexibility and long-term protection, all with potential tax-saving advantages. Manulife Par is a streamlined and targeted participating whole life insurance product designed with guaranteed:

  • Premium durations for 10 or 20 years, or to age 90
  • Amount of insurance that remains in effect for an entire life
  • Cash value that grows over time

But that’s not all. Manulife Par is built with dependable, hassle-free features for you and your clients, including:

  • Pre-approved lifetime deposit option limit – even for policies converted from term
  • Ratings are never applied to paid-up and deposit options insurance
  • Contracts written in plain, client-friendly language
  • Non-smoker classification for juveniles (age 0-15)
  • No policy fees

Consider Manulife Par for clients who have maximized non-registered and registered savings options, but could benefit from additional tax-advantaged options to diversify their assets. Manulife Par may be ideal for:

Individuals looking to:

  • Accumulate wealth and defer taxes
  • Pass funds to the next generation
  • Secure collateral for a loan
  • Complement retirement income
  • Optimize estate planning

Corporations and business owners looking to:

  • Protect their business and maintain access to cash
  • Pass on value accrued in a private company
  • Secure collateral for a loan
  • Pay off tax liability at time of death
  • Leverage tax-advantaged management of extra assets

Manulife Par offers a strong foundation of guarantees, plus the opportunity to earn an annual dividend, giving clients the ability to grow their insurance coverage and cash values beyond the guarantees.

Clients can choose from two dividend options:

  • Purchase additional amounts of fully paid-up insurance, which may also earn dividends and help increase cash value
  • Receive it as cash

And your clients can choose from:

  • Single life or Joint last-to-die (premiums to last death)
  • Guaranteed Premiums duration for 10 or 20 years, or to age 90

Customize Manulife Par with optional riders:

  • Term Insurance Riders (TIR) – 10 and 20-year renewable
  • Total Disability Waiver (TDW) – insured and payor
  • Guaranteed Insurability Option (GIO)
  • Children’s Protection Rider (CPR)

From June 23, 2018 until September 1, 2019, the Dividend Interest Rate for Manulife Par policies will be 6.25%.