InnoVision offers amazing flexibility and choice for your clients. This market-leading product combines permanent life insurance and tax-advantaged investment opportunities to provide custom-designed solutions ideal for tax and estate planning.


With InnoVision’s flexible insurance features, your clients can:

  • Leave proceeds from the policy to beneficiaries tax-free
  • Choose whether to include the investment portion in the death benefit
  • Select from several riders and enhancers to customize protection
  • Choose how often and how much to pay
  • Increase (with evidence) or decrease coverage amounts
  • Insure multiple lives at or after issue
  • Easily access the account value of the policy (may be subject to taxation)

Plus, with InnoVision’s tax-deferred investment options, clients can:

  • Select from over 50 investment accounts to customize their portfolio
  • Choose from two bonus options to earn additional interest or enjoy lower management fees on investment accounts

Designed to meet the long-term financial needs of affluent individuals and business owners, InnoVision is ideal for:

  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Wealth creation
  • Income replacement
  • Key person insurance
  • Fair share inheritance
  • Tax deferral and capital gains tax liability
  • Partner/shareholder buyouts
  • Available in level cost and yearly increasing cost structure
  • Optional death benefits to lower insurance costs (Level Face) or increase the face value of the policy (Face Plus) as investments grow
  • Optional riders:
    • Accidental Death Benefit – provides an additional benefit if your client dies as a result of a covered accident
    • Protection Indexor rider – provides automatic increases in Death Benefit
    • Wealth Enhancer Plus – automatically adjusts the Death Benefit to maximize the amount of money that can be held in the policy on a tax-sheltered basis
    • Waiver of Monthly Deductions rider – covers the policy’s monthly deduction if the insured becomes disabled
    • Guaranteed Insurability Option – provides the opportunity to purchase additional coverage at specified ages, policy anniversaries or events without providing new evidence of insurability
    • Business Value Protector rider – allows business owners to purchase additional insurance based on the value of their business without providing medical evidence of insurability
    • Child Protection rider – provides life insurance coverage for a child, plus the option to purchase new life insurance coverage at a future date with no medical evidence
    • Term Insurance rider – adds additional life insurance coverage for 10 or 20 year term

See InnoVision client brochure (MK1658E) for more information on available riders.

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