Business owners tell us they want ease and integration of business processes. To help meet this need, Manulife is partnering with leading payroll providers to integrate the administration of Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans (VRSPs) with their payroll services. Having the ability to offer this special feature to your clients gives you a significant competitive advantage.

Whether your client is looking for a full-service payroll provider or payroll software, Manulife has an integrated solution to meet their needs.  

Payroll integration will improve your clients experience by:

  • Saving time – Clients can reduce the amount of time they spend managing their VRSP each payroll cycle.
  • Improving the accuracy of data – Pre-populated data from your clients’ payroll solution reduces  human error and provides improved accuracy.
  • Allowing them to focus on their business – Whether your client  chooses to outsource their payroll or keep it in house, having a system that is set up to help manage their payroll will let them focus on their business – not their payroll.

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Payroll providers


In appreciation of your business, Ceridian is offering a $100 AMEX Gift Card for referring a new client who purchases payroll services from Ceridian.  To refer a client to Ceridian, obtain your client’s consent to forward their contact information to Ceridian and complete the online form.  Ceridian will call your client and discuss the payroll service solution available.  Ceridian will mail your gift card directly to you once your client has completed two successful payroll runs with Ceridian. Additional fees for payroll integration with the VRSP administration may be charged by Ceridian on top of their standard payroll processing fees.


If your client is interested in Sage’s payroll solution, your client can call Sage directly to purchase their product. All Sage customers will automatically receive the benefits of payroll integration at no extra cost.

Sage Customer Service: 

Access more information on Manulife’s payroll providers

Call our Manulife VRSP support team at 1-855-723-7070.

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