New live webinars on market fluctuation and retirement income sources

In March, we launched our live webinar series. Short, focused, convenient and relevant, they help members unlock money tips and ideas that can help them and their families make healthy money decisions.

Here’s what members can expect from May’s webinars:

Market fluctuations

  • What drives the market’s ups and downs
  • What to keep in mind when investing in the markets – what to do or not do
  • How to manage your investment risk

Your retirement income sources

  • What are the different income sources
  • When to start receiving income
  • How to receive income from each source

Each session gives additional resources and tips to help members take small steps to improve their financial wellness. More topics will be launched over the next few months. Plan members can find the webinar calendar and register for sessions at Your clients can use this email to help spread the word. 

Questions? Contact your Manulife representative.