Manulife Asset Management is now Manulife Investment Management

On May 7, 2019, Manulife announced brand changes across its global investment management business. As part of these changes, Manulife Asset Management is now Manulife Investment Management.

Overall, the changes will help create clarity and stronger brand recognition of Manulife’s full lineup of investment products and solutions.

What does this mean for our group retirement customers?

Nothing will change for plan sponsors or members other than seeing the new Manulife Investment Management brand on some marketing materials, and seeing the Manulife Investment Management name in open-end fund names. For example, “Manulife Asset Management Strategic Income Pooled Fund” will become “Manulife Investment Management Strategic Income Pooled Fund.”

You’ll still be able to work with the wealth and investment management team as you did previously. This change does not affect the products and services they offer, nor how they manage investments.

Going forward, the new Manulife Investment Management name will be used in collateral, like fund pages. However, existing materials that feature the Manulife Asset Management name are being updated to the new brand over a period of 18-24 months.

Should other changes be required, the affected parties will be notified.