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The Financial Wellness Assessment can help you feel better about your finances and improve your physical and emotional health too. Take the Financial Wellness Assessment today. You'll find it on the home page after you sign in to your online account on manulife.ca.

Financial Wellness Assessment member video transcript

Scene 1

Does money cause you stress?

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Only 34% of Canadians feel financially prepared. This is based on Manulife’s Financial Wellness Study Benchmark 2015. Do you know where you stand?

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Research we’ve done shows a strong link between financial wellness and physical and emotional health. Canadians who aren’t financially prepared are twice as likely to feel stressed.

Research based on Manulife / Ipsos Reid Health and Wealth Wellness Study conducted by Ipsos Reid, 2015

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Manulife’s Financial Wellness Assessment is an easy way to understand where you are today – and it takes as little as 5 minutes.

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Answer a few questions, identify your top priorities and get a personalized action plan to help you improve your financial health – and well-being.

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If you’re already in good shape, your action plan will help you stay on track.

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Whether you want to budget better, cut expenses, pay off debt, save for a new home, set a retirement goal, or build your wealth, your action plan gives you a number of resources – videos, calculators and strategies – to help you succeed.

Scene 8

Revisit the Financial Wellness Assessment to see your progress and tackle your next priorities.

Scene 9

Discover the positive effects good financial habits can have on your overall well-being. Canadians with a good level of financial wellness are more likely to say their physical health is excellent (25%) or good (45%) say they exercise more (68%)

This is based on Manulife’s Financial Wellness Study 2016 Index

Scene 10

Take the Financial Wellness Assessment today. You’ll find it on the home page when you sign in to your Manulife account at manulife.ca