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Did you know that good financial habits can improve your overall well-being?

Research1 shows a strong link between financial wellness and physical and emotional health. Canadians who aren’t financially prepared are twice as likely to feel stressed. Does dealing with money make you anxious? You’re not alone – 68%2 of Canadians worry about their financial situation.

Manulife’s Financial Wellness Assessment can help you feel better about your finances and improve your physical and emotional health too. This online resource lets you easily see your overall financial situation. Answer a few simple questions, identify your top financial priorities and receive a personalized action plan to help improve your financial wellness – and your well-being. Revisit the Financial Wellness Assessment to measure your progress and work towards new goals as your situation changes.

Watch the video and see how taking just 5 minutes can get you on the path to financial wellness.

Find the Financial Wellness Assessment on the plan member website Learning Centre carousel as well as in the Financial Planning resources page in the Learning Centre when you sign in to your Manulife account.

1 Manulife/Ipsos Reid Health and Wealth Wellness Study conducted by Ipsos Reid, 2015

2 Manulife Financial Wellness Study – 2016 Index