Committed to members’ digital experience – our journey continues

The world is changing. Information is shared instantly, people stay connected even when they’re in different countries, and they’re taking actions online that have more and more impact in the physical world. The digital transformation continues, and Manulife is leading the way.

Members’ interactions with us should be simple and intuitive. They juggle a lot in their lives – work, family, friends, leisure, and health – so managing their group benefits plan should be easy and worry-free.

Over the past months, members will have noticed little enhancements to their digital plan member experience. Enhancements like the new online chat feature on our public site, which quickly answers general questions, on-the-go (currently only available in English). These little changes add up to one big improvement: empowering members to make their lives better. Easier access to all the tools and resources they need will help them make decisions through all the stages in their lives.

From first signing up to the secure member site and entering their new plan member information to submitting their first claim, receiving their explanation of benefits online, then getting their money paid into their account, all within a few days – it’s simple, fast and convenient. And, it’s our commitment to plan members to give them a digital experience that will have a positive and lasting impact on their day-to-day lives.

In the works

  • Visual-based response system option when calling customer services from a mobile phone - fast answers to popular plan-related questions, without spending time on hold – launching summer 2019
  • Enhanced option to update personal and family information, such as address change, through the Member Profile tab – due to launch fall 2019
  • Many other exciting features that will help quickly answer their plan-related questions and manage their benefits on-the-go

Keep checking our Discover Hub and Advance Hub for all the latest updates, and remind your clients to do the same.

The digital transformation has already begun, so let’s all be a part of it!