Annual customer experience survey aims to help us improve

Between May 21 and June 4, Ipsos will conduct a survey of our Group Benefits and Group Retirement plan members, on Manulife’s behalf, as part of the annual customer experience survey.

The annual survey helps us gather valuable feedback and insight from our advisors, plan sponsors and plan members, to help us continue to improve the way we do business together.

This is the second of four waves of surveys that Ipsos is conducting – the first one was in March. Subsequent surveys will take place in August and November of this year and will include plan sponsors and advisors. Details will be communicated closer to those dates.

How this will happen

  • Ipsos will contact a random sample of GB and GRS plan members, by email, to participate.
  • Ipsos will ask that they complete the survey about Manulife.
  • The survey is optional – those contacted can decide if they want to complete the survey.
  • It should take about 12 minutes to complete the survey.

Ipsos follows Manulife’s privacy guidelines and policies to run the study. We have provided only contact information to Ipsos. We have not shared any information specific to products or investments.

Impact on plan members

  • May be contacted by Ipsos between May 21 to June 4, asking them to complete a short customer experience survey. (Participation is optional.)

Impact on you

  • If a client or plan member asks you about the Ipsos-conducted Manulife surveys, please let them know the surveys are legitimate and confidential and encourage them to participate to help us provide better service to them.

Questions? Talk to your Manulife representative.