Under the Health for Life® umbrella, Workplace Advisor provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that is designed to support small business owners. This solution includes access to short-term employee counselling, and provides an effective way for small business owners to help create and maintain a healthy working environment, manage employee issues, reduce absenteeism, and promote productivity in the workplace. Workplace Advisor is available to all AlphaPlus® clients at no additional cost.


The core of EAP is the counselling:

  • 90% of the counsellors hold a PhD in psychology
  • Based on a short-term model – no cap on hours but most sessions delivered in 4-6 hours
  • Unlimited access – plan members can access as often as they require
  • Only 5% referral to long-term counselling
  • Evidence-based clinical treatment for mental health issues
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • Face-to-face (93%),  by telephone, e-counselling

Additional Services:

  • Eldercare/childcare support service
  • Online courses (currently 17)
  • Online Human Resources Library
  • Crisis management (trauma response); defusing and debriefing

Note* Utilization reports are not available for Workplace Advisor in adherence to privacy and confidentiality regulations since these groups are typically under 25 lives.


There are no fees. It’s a complimentary benefit to all Alpha Clients.

Differentiators for Workplace Advisor:

Competitors that offer an Employee Assistance Program for the small case market typically make it available through a referral service or through their LTD benefit. The Workplace Advisor product through Manulife offers a full service short- term counselling model (average of 4-6 sessions) with unlimited access for any issues. The delivery of the counselling service is available by telephone, online or in person.

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Manager Training

Manager Training is an interactive training program that was developed in partnership with Homewood Human Solutions™. The training is designed to provide managers with the knowledge they need to create a ‘psychologically healthy workplace’ and the skills to respond confidently and proactively.


Under the Health for Life® umbrella, Resilience is Manulife’s branded Employee & Family Assistance Program.It offers employees and eligible family members a full range of confidential and professional counselling, self-development, and health management services wherever they live, work, and travel across Canada.