Under the Health for Life® umbrella, Resilience is Manulife’s branded Employee & Family Assistance Program. It offers employees and eligible family members a full range of confidential and professional counselling, self-development, and health management services wherever they live, work, and travel across Canada. The Resilience services are delivered through an exclusive provider arrangement with Homewood Human Solutions™.


The core of Resilience is the counselling:

  • 90% of the counsellors hold a PhD in psychology
  • Based on a short term model - no cap on hours but most sessions delivered in 4-6 hours
  • Unlimited access – plan members can access as often as they require
  • Only 5% referral to long-term counselling
  • Evidence-based clinical treatment for mental health issues
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • Face-to-face (93%),  by telephone, e-counselling

Depression Care Response:

  • Cases with appropriate diagnosis
  • Cases will be treated with Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy model
  • Up to 20 sessions available
  • Consultation with treating physician when appropriate

Plan Smart™ Services include:

  • Financial and legal advisory service
  • Eldercare/childcare support service
  • Career counselling service
  • Pre-retirement planning service
  • Shift worker support
  • Online courses (currently 17)
  • Nutritional support
  • Smoking cessation service
  • 12 Weeks to Wellness – NEW

Additional Services for Leaders:

  • Key person advice line
  • Leader focused e-courses
  • Key person training/coaching
  • EAP reporting review and commentary
    • Consulting on EAP, substance abuse, and other policies
    • Identifying and supporting additional training needs
  • Crisis management (trauma response); defusing and debriefing

Wellness Challenge:

  • A web-based tool used by clients to orchestrate health challenges among employees
  • A planned event that lasts five weeks
  • Communication support provided

Wellness Challenge is complimentary for groups with 400+ lives, and it’s provided for a fee to groups under 400 lives.

Employee Usage Reports:

  • Provides aggregate utilization reports for the Resilience Program, annually.

Lunch ’n Learn Sessions:

  • Designed to accommodate one hour lunch periods
  • Delivered by a professional counsellor
  • A range of topics including Stress Management, Time Management, Communication in Family Life, and Humour and Laughter. Lunch ‘n Learns are complimentary for groups with 400+ lives = 1 session per every 400 lives = 3 sessions for 1200 lives

There is an additional fee for Lunch ’n Learn sessions for groups under 400 lives.


Mid-case Market (25 – 399 lives) Large case Market

Bundled product

Ability to “carve out” features that are typically cost drivers ie. depression care, trauma, and Wellness Challenge.

Can offer the “carve out” features at an additional fee

Pooled rate

Custom pricing based on utilization and/or features removed.

Fixed fee model with unlimited utilization

Rates are reconcilable based on actual utilization and can be guaranteed for 2 years.