Manager Training is an interactive training program that was developed in partnership with Homewood Human Solutions™, a recognized leader in providing prevention and intervention support in the field of Employee & Family Assistance, substance abuse, addictions and mental health.  The training is designed to provide managers with the knowledge they need to create a ‘psychologically healthy workplace’ and the skills to respond confidently and proactively when they feel an employee’s psychological safety is at risk or they are showing early signs of mental illness.  

Managers will receive education and training on the following topics:

  • The signs and symptoms of the most common mental illnesses
  • The challenges of addressing mental illness in the workplace
  • Addressing behavior and performance issues when mental illness may be present
  • Rights and responsibilities of employers in situations involving mental illness
  • The most likely accommodations that are necessary for return-to-work planning; and,
  • How to manage a mental illness crisis

You will have the flexibility to choose the delivery method that best suits your organization:

  • In person full day workshop
  • Two half day in person workshops or webinars
  • Online e-module course with certification and a 1-hour follow up webinar (unlimited access for 1 year)

The in person workshops and webinars are delivered by Homewood Human Solutions facilitators with a psychology or social work background, clinical experience in mental health, and corporate facilitation experience.

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Under the Health for Life® umbrella, Resilience is Manulife’s branded Employee & Family Assistance Program.It offers employees and eligible family members a full range of confidential and professional counselling, self-development, and health management services wherever they live, work, and travel across Canada.