Our fee-for-service Absence Management Consultation Services provides high touch communication with employers and their employees, early absence assessments, additional on-going case management and return to work support to effectively manage all types of short-term absences.

As part of these services, we can provide employers with additional support by becoming an extension of their organization and working collaboratively with them to build the program through implementation, and then as an ongoing partner in managing absences. This high-touch product can provide better outcomes than traditional Short-Term Disability benefits or having no early intervention product.

Multi-disciplinary experts build tailored services that can help potentially decrease the chance of complex short-term disability cases transitioning into long-term disability cases, and shorten return-to-work time.

These services can also help minimize the risk of relapse because workplace issues are resolved with the assistance of Return to Work Specialists. Our experts coordinate a smooth transition to Long-Term Disability when required. Employees are eligible for these services regardless of whether they qualify for disability benefits payment.

We can provide absence management expertise on all cases, or on an ad hoc basis:

  • All cases: for companies with a minimum of 400 employees, Manulife can manage all of their short-term absences over a pre-determined number of days. This consultation service is offered on a fee-per-case basis.
  • Ad hoc cases: employers can choose to submit only specific cases to our case management experts at their discretion. To benefit from this service, their company must have a minimum of 25 employees. A fixed hourly rate is applied.

As part of both types of services, Case Managers interventions are fully integrated with the company’s needs and absence management policies and processes.

To benefit from Manulife’s Absence Management Consultation Services, employers’ current Short-Term Disability, salary continuance or sick leave program will need to be self-funded and their Long-Term Disability solution must be with Manulife.

Occupational Management services

Manulife’s industry-leading Occupational Management services deliver effective case management, accommodation and rehabilitation support to employers with 50 employees or more. It allows them to integrate the management of occupational injury incidents with their Manulife disability program. With five fee-for-service options to choose from, they can tailor a solution that will suit their business needs. Services include:

  • Injury notification and assessment
  • Case management
  • Return to work support and workplace accommodation
  • Appeals and tribunal support
  • Program and financial claims management


High-touch and integrated Absence Management Consultation Services advantages at a glance

  • Access to an elite team of multi-disciplinary experts including Case Managers with post-secondary healthcare education, Work Facilitation, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Specialists, and Medical Consultants
  • Top quality case management decisions based on early intervention and medical evidence to help ensure employees receive the right treatment at the right time
  • Identification of medical and non-medical factors affecting employees’ absence and return to work barriers
  • Close monitoring of all absence and disability cases, and additional ongoing support for employers and their employees
  • Comprehensive implementation and trend reporting services to better track employees’ absences and the main medical conditions affecting the workforce
  • Embedded à la carte Stay-at-Work Services to help prevent or limit disability leave duration

Occupational Management services advantages at a glance

  • Convenient and consistent approach of a single service provider for all types of occupational and non-occupational incidents
  • Comprehensive analysis, reporting and program management services to help employers meet their provincial workers compensation board requirements and address the administrative requirements of workplace incidents
  • Easy integration of occupational claims with employers’ disability and absence case management service model
  • Tighter control over employers’ incident experience, reduce lost time and improve costs associated with absence durations, injury frequency and compensation premiums
  • Embedded à la carte Stay-at-Work Services to help prevent or limit disability leave duration

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