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Manulife GIF Select
With GIF Select, we’ve bundled together the best features to address key client needs into three unique Series, all within one contract. Clients also have access to an industry-leading selection of award-winning investment funds from many of Canada’s top fund managers. To learn more about Manulife GIF Select, visit

Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)

A TFSA provides you with a powerful incentive to save by allowing the investment growth to accumulate and be withdrawn tax-free. Depending on your RRSP contribution room or if you’re looking for additional tax-efficient retirement investment options, click here (PDF) or talk to your advisor today about TFSAs.

Manulife Investments GIC

Our Guaranteed Interest Contracts are ideal for investors looking for seeking a guaranteed rate product with great flexibility, potential creditor protection, and estate planning advantages. Visit the Manulife Investments GIC section of this site for more information and today's rates.

Mutual Funds
Manulife Mutual Funds provides investors with a comprehensive suite of quality investment products to meet a range of financial needs in all market conditions. We offer:
  • Access to respected asset management firms from North America and around the world
  • A range of innovative investment products, including professionally-managed asset allocation portfolios
Visit for more information.

Registered Advantage Account
Manulife Bank's registered Advantage Account offers attractive rates and provides access to your investment at any time -- it's your RRSP solution. To get started, visit Manulife Bank.

30-364 Day Short-Term Deposits

Our 30 to 364 day Short Term deposits are the perfect investment for those looking for a guaranteed rate of interest, without having to tie up their money. For details go to Manulife Bank.

1-5 Year GICs

Our one to five year GICs are ideal for the investor looking for a guaranteed rate of interest over a longer investment period. Visit Manulife Bank to find out more.

RRSP Loans

Now, with the help of your financial advisor, taking care of this year's RRSP contribution is easier than ever. We offer a wide range of investment options, a very competitive interest rate and flexible payment options. For more information visit Manulife Bank.

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